About Us
SC DHEC Access Page
Depend on Controlled Sites to assist with all your stormwater management and erosion control needs. You’ll save time and gain peace of mind.
  • Weekly Stormwater Inspections and Documentation – We conduct thorough inspections and file required monthly reports. Our registrations and certifications meet all NPDES requirements.
  • Mandatory South Carolina Pre-construction Meetings – We organize and conduct on-site conferences with each contractor involved. We obtain contractor certification statements and maintain all related documents for you.
  • Complete SWPPP Program Implementation – Depend on Controlled Sites to:
    • Conduct weekly inspections and maintain required documentation
    • Provide the complete SWPPP book
    • Track and update SWPPP maps
    • Submit monthly reports to appropriate agencies
  • Preliminary Site Evaluations – Our professionals visit the site before construction begins to thoroughly assess and record the land conditions and water quality on both the proposed construction site and the surrounding property. This enables us to assist you in preventing problems due to environmental conditions you are not responsible for.
  • Turbidity Sampling – We test water samples from the site to determine the degree of turbidity (water clarity) in discharges.
  • Erosion Control Site Management – Controlled Sites coordinates repair and maintenance of your site during construction and after the process is complete.